Thursday, 6 October 2011

Getting There

One of my favoured Spanish professors sent me a link one day about working in Spain after graduation. The government of Spain was hiring North Americans to come over to be language assistants for eight months. Reading through the criteria, I thought: "This is perfect! I LOVE Spain, I speak Spanish, I have lots of experience with kids....NO problem!" But of course, procrastination took form, as it always does with me, and I left it to the last minute to apply.

So in March, I submitted my application and prepared to wait. In April, I called the Spanish embassy to ask how far along they were, only to discover that I was number 4,865 and there were only 2,000 positions. I gave up on the idea and continued on with life. Midsummer, I got some emails saying that they had more positions that needed to be filled. Of course, I had not made any other long term plans yet, so I emailed back saying I was still interested.

On August 2nd, I received an email saying that I had been placed in the province of Galicia, in the Northwest corner of Spain. All I had to do was accept and they would start working on assigning me to a specific school. Naturally, I accepted and then prepared to wait. They specifically detail in the instruction manual to have "patience" during this portion of the process. That is a lot easier said than done....especially when it is the middle of September and you are supposed to be living in another country starting Oct 1st. On the 21st of September, I received the official letters I needed to go get my visa. After a few minor corrections, like changing my nationality from "American" to the correct "Canadian", I was able to take those letters to Toronto to ask the consulate to let me into their country. Now, with visa approved and plane ticket in hand, I am preparing to move to a lovely city called Vigo, Spain. I hope that you can keep reading from time to time.

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